Thursday, April 24, 2014

No Higher Power by Phyllis Schlafly, George Neumayr

5 of 5 stars  *****

Schlafly and Neumayr explain the rise to power and the ideological differences between the Far-Left Progressives, Barack Hussein Obama and those who support, pave, and administer that power; and the Judao-Christian ideology that defines the United States of America from its inception. No Higher Power reviews the history of the man, President Obama, and the personnel in the machine that has been operating for decades culminating in the last two presidential victories. The intricacy for the fundamental change promised by this Progressive regime may be understood by listening to the audio version, narrated by Dianna Doman, or reading the book. The authors research back up their claim that there is an Obama declaration of war on religious freedom, the books subtitle. 

Much of the book is a review of events but much of it is, also, an education that enlightens one to the guiding principles behind the radical change Americans are now witnessing. This book renders reasons for the otherwise inexplicable actions of those in power. 

I recommend this book for the eye-opening realization that power wields to control, not necessarily govern, the masses; and this determines whether or not one believes that the people hold any power, whatsoever, or are sheep, led by an elite Progressive machine which promotes the illusion of individuals having power.