Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Neon Rain (Dave Robicheaux #1) by James Lee Burke, Will Patton (Narrator)

5 of 5 stars  *****

An interesting, entertaining, Louisiana-spun tale about law enforcement in bayou country. Will Patton provides the southern drawl appropriate for the narration of The Neon Rain using James Lee Burke's masterful colloquialisms and colorful text.

Follow Lieutenant Dave Robicheaux in his detective adventures. He conjures his knowledge, Viet Nam experience, and gut instincts to bring down local bad guys and nationally corrupt generals on both sides of the law. His exploits are not always by the book so he finds himself in an estranged relationship with his employer. Not one to take the path of least resistance, Detective Robicheaux stands firmly on the few principals that are responsible for his survival.