Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Explore the Bible: Personal Study Guide: 1, 2 Peter; Jude: Fall 2016 by Jeff Iorg (Editor)

5 of 5 stars  *****

This Bible Study Guide explores the Apostle, Peter's, desire to direct early Christians toward the truth about the teachings of Jesus Christ. In the face of persecution, Peter's task is to encourage followers to keep faith and receive the fruits of the Holy Spirit which lightens the severity of the suffering Christians receive. Out of this comes Hope of salvation and an eternal life without any suffering.

Peter and Jude also teach how Christians can discern the false teacher from the true disciple of Christ. The true disciples do not vary from the holy scriptures and live a Christlike life so that their words are inspired by the Holy Spirit and their deeds align with their teachings. False teachers include themselves as benefactors of their teaching. They lack the humility and heart to serve their fellow man out of love. Reminding each other of the scripture's lessons as written and taught by the disciples is necessary to limit straying from the will of God.