Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Explore the Bible Adults Minor Prophets Spring 2015 by George Guthrie (Editor)

5 of 5 stars  *****

The Explore the Bible series is such a penetrating dive into the meaning of the Word. The Minor Prophets, the subject of this book, are brought to life as they warn and teach, the people of their day, about their relationships with God, themselves, and each other. The warnings and teachings are not just relegated to those ancient times. Typical of the Bible, the Minor Prophets' writings are applicable to today's issues and today's population. Mankind eventually reverts to its fallen ways and requires the wisdom of the prophets, who predict the Christ Jesus, to repent and obey the laws of God. Even after the sanctifying gift from the blood of the cross, the arrogance of today's leaders mimic the behavior of those in the days of these prophets. The inspired words of these Minor Prophets explain the hope as well as the tragedy concerning the eternal soul. The lesson is that God's mercy and grace warrants daily effort to walk with His Holy Spirit.