Saturday, December 20, 2014

Killing Patton: The Strange Death of World War II’s Most Audacious General (The Killing of Historical Figures) by Bill O'Reilly, Martin Dugard

5 of 5 stars  *****

Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard have written another excellent history with Killing Patton. The captivating writing style of O'Reilly and the diligent research by Dugard uncover facts that are brought to the public to educate and fascinate. The book reveals the intricacies of politics, war decisions, and international relations between countries and great historical figures that span the world. This book also presents the slice of life in an intimate way regarding the people around the historical figure. This is where the real human experience affects the outcome of the drama known as World War II. There is no better theater than to follow the life of General George S. Patton Jr. during this war and on these pages.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Killer Angels : A Novel of the Civil War (The Civil War: 1861-1865 #2) by Michael Shaara, Stephen Hoye (Narrator)

5 our of 5 stars  *****

Excellent story about events that really took place in the town of Gettysburg, PA, during the Civil War. I have visited the site and was taken on a tour by one of the descendants of the town people who lived there in 1863. This story takes me back to sites like Little Round Top where heroics occur during the bloody death struggle of war between brothers. A fictional history is a great vehicle to take me through the streets of the town, the Blue Ridge Mountain pathways, and the fertile fields of eastern Pennsylvania. Michael Shaara captures the personalities of folks who live in this country setting and brings them to life in a compelling tale of one of America's most famous battles.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How to Fight Presidents: Defending Yourself Against the Badasses Who Ran This Country by Daniel O'Brien

4 out of 5 stars  ****

A fun, funny read that teaches bits of historical facts about each president as the author prepares the reader to fight each one of them. The list of presidents ranges from Washington to Reagan with an extra chapter devoted to Theodore, "Teddy," Roosevelt, Daniel O'Brien's favorite "badass," as he refers to him.

This book is an easy read that I pick up on occasion while I devote most of my time to current events and a group study. It does not matter where I leave off or how long I am away from this book because each short chapter is an outrageous story in and of itself.

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

5 of 5 stars *****

Once again, Donna Tartt creates an engaging story which brings life to words with her unique descriptions and common phrasings that magically transport the reader into the contemporary existence of an adolescent, Theo Decker, who experiences the death of his mother. This tragedy creates a longing for his mother that haunts him through an exquisite painting of a captive pet bird, a Goldfinch. This mysterious attraction, that lives deep in Theo, accompanies him through his schooldays, living in his best friend's household, and into adulthood that includes drugs and crimes of deceit in the art world. Theo's lifestyle gets in the way of his happiness with love and ultimately hardens his view of life as rather difficult and tedious. It's not until the end when he contemplates the masterpiece painting, the Goldfinch, that he sees, up close, the creator's brushstroke, his painstaking attention to an admirer's vision of an undercoating that gives the Goldfinch depth and fluff to its breast; but more significant to Theo is the distance required from the painting that blends the physical reality with the magical intention of the artist to captivate an onlooker into falling in love with his creation. This is the place where Theo sees a softer realm of beauty that he ascribes to the love of his life, Pippa, rather than the harsh realism of his deep secretive life that he is reluctant to share. It takes the Goldfinch to bring this revelation into Theo's consciousness.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Explore the Bible: Adult Personal Study Guide HCSB: (Hebrews, Fall 2014) by David Jeremiah (General Editor), Argile Smith

5 of 5 stars  *****

Hebrews is the Gospel that addresses the wavering believers 30 years after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Christians are ready to avoid the condescension and persecution by the Jews and Romans to lead a more peaceful life. However, returning to the old covenant of Moses law, whereby the path to heaven is paved by good behavior and obedience to the that law, the new covenant, brought by Jesus as prophesied in the old testament, promises life everlasting by believing that Jesus is the Christ, who, by sacrificing his perfect life for mankind's sins, believers are assured a place in heaven with their Father. For the Christians who lean toward reverting back to the old ways, they tend to follow the herd who find comfort in habit, even though the behavior requires extra sacrifices. The people who do turn their backs on Jesus decide to live for temporary moments of happiness rather than a joyous eternal existence with Jesus in heaven. Without Hebrews Christianity may not be the major religion it is today. The most likely author of this gospel is the Apostle, Paul

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bible Promises for You: From the New International Version by Inspirio (Creator)

5 of 5 stars  *****

This is the little book I shall carry with me so that I may refer to the wisdom it offers. The book is about as big as a large-screen phone so it isn't convenient to carry in my pants pocket. I shall carry this book with me along with my phone, which has a downloaded version of the NIV Bible. The advantage of having access to the written word is immediate accessibility to the Word of God without searching through the Old and New Testaments. Two pages are dedicated to every condition and quality that scripture lists in alphabetical order from Accomplishment to Work. Choose the appropriate subject; say, Children, and turn to page 24 to discover what the Old Testament (written in italics) and the New Testament teach on the subject. I read a few entries and put the book down in deep thought. I am amazed at the significance the words have for me at any particular time I open this little gem of wisdom. Bible Promises for You is a book which talks to me in a divine way; therefore, it walks with me so that I may walk the talk.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Life After Life by Kate Atkinson, Fenella Woolgar (Narrator)

4 out of 5 stars ****

A beautifully written story by Kate Atkinson and an exquisite, expressive narration by Fenella Woolgar make this Audiobook a recommended choice for anyone's bookshelf. The subject of life and death never grows old in this genre of historical fiction. Life enters the world and passes through for brief moments only to reemerge in another window by chance to experience what the times offer for the innocent and vulnerable. View life in the last century through Ursula Todd, the traveler in this adventure.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sometimes God Has a Kid's Face by Mary Rose McGeady

5 out of 5 stars  *****

A pleasant surprise that breaks one's heart once the homeless children accounts are read in Sister Mary Rose McGready's book, Sometimes God Has A Kid's Face. The author includes the writings of the Covenant House's temporary residents, wayward children and teenagers in America, who find themselves abused at home and then in the streets. This small book is an educational tool for those who are unaware of the tragedy growing in cities in Latin and North America, homelessness of a most vulnerable population who need love and kindness to have a chance at simply coping in today's world. Not every story has a happy ending but every youngster taken in by the Covenant House is privy to hear the Word of God, the Gospel, and have their basic needs met. Each resident leaves with a healthier, cleaner body and a rejuvenated soul. The Covenant House does depend on donations to survive and asks for the public's generosity so they can continue on their mission of caring for these dependent, fearful, and rejected young individuals. This mission extends into the source of the problem, the family; therefore, the last chapter of the book is a Family Survival Guide which teaches morality, coping mechanisms with children and teenagers, and what signs point to needing professional intervention. Every story is unique in the details but similar in basic human needs lacking in the lives of these poor and innocent.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Heaven by Randy Alcorn (Goodreads Author)

4 out of 5 stars  ****

The least discussed subject in the Bible is adroitly presented by Randy Alcorn, an accomplished bestselling Christian author of 40 books. What separates Randy's book from other books about Heaven is the discipline he uses throughout the book keeping to scripture. The diverse opinions and perspectives of Heaven exist in the clergy as well as the general population. Without application of his personal imagination, Alcorn transcribes ancient writings that span thousands of years describing the same place. Then, to broaden the vision of Heaven, Alcorn asks a variety of questions about what it is like in Heaven. This portion of the book is interesting, as the author draws the most probable explanations from Bible verses in both Old and New Testaments, but it becomes a bit tedious, too. 

The influence of C.S. Lewis on Alcorn is apparent by his frequent reference to his writings. Narnia quotes enlighten this reader to the deeper symbolism Lewis uses about the Biblical message. Narnia is replaced by a new, brighter Narnia once the old Narnia dies. Narnia represents Earth as understood by Lewis and shared by Alcorn. 

The end of the book, Heaven, is particularly uplifting. The author describes how to explain death to children who are about to die before their parents, and how to comfort those who are older and afraid to leave this world. The dualism of Plato and the resurrection perspective by Christians are explained in an Appendix because there exists a prevalent combination of the two throughout the world. 

Heaven is a valuable addition to any believer's bookshelf, one that belongs next to their Bible. A change in the reader is promised once its contents are read, its context understood, so that the Great Commission can be shared by educated, searchers of the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Killing Jesus: A History by Bill O'Reilly & Martin Dugard

5 of 5 stars  *****

An honest book about the life of Jesus, the Nazarene, and his impression made during his day and ever since. The book is so compelling because it is not trying to prove the divinity of Christ nor is it trying to disprove it. The painstaking efforts of author, Bill O'Reilly, and co-author, Martin Dugard, craft an excellent read based on corroborated evidence from historians of the day, Roman, Greek, and Jewish as well as the NIV Bible. Accounts written by these sources cover the life and predictions of the life of Jesus. The authors point out that there is not a man who, without an organization behind him, has influenced the world, with his message of love, as much as Jesus.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak (Goodreads Author), Allan Corduner (Narrator)

5 out of 5 stars  *****

Catapult back in time to Nazi Germany and experience life through Death's eyes and how a little girl copes through it all. The writing is superb. The narration is wonderful. Enjoy how durable the human spirit is in the face of death at any moment. Discover how words become soothing comfort for the soul. The Book Thief takes one through a grievous time of antisemitism, hate, and despair when families are torn apart and possessions are scarce. Through it all, a young girl is saved by her compulsion for books which starts before she knows how to read. The relationships she shares are deep and profound. She becomes orphaned early in the story and her foster parents provide for her bodily needs while her books take care of her spiritual needs. The reader cannot help but feel each genuine bond she forms as she establishes a new life. Loss is not done with her, however, and new growth occurs out of its reemergence. Miraculously, reading saves her life more than once in this incredible story which she eventually writes.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back by Todd Burpo, Lynn Vincent, Sonja Burpo, Colton Burpo, Dean Gallagher (Narrator)

5 of 5 stars  *****

Profound book that tests one's faith as a four year-old boy's recall of heaven tests his parent's. The contemporary setting with trials that society places on a struggling family make this story, based on a true account of events, pertinent to everybody who reads or listens to Todd Burpo's rendition. This listener particularly liked the poignant revelations that occur through the little boy's eyes. The message of kindness, understanding, and love permeate the characters via this child's memory of events and the people he meets during an operation that almost cost him his life, and another vision, while at home, when he met a sister he never knew he had. A word to describe the extraordinary events that occur throughout the book is miraculous. The uncanny ending leaves this audience a believer, one touched by the words that convey divine intervention in the telling of this heart-warming story.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Power to the People by Laura Ingraham

4 of 5 stars  ****

An enjoyable, informative perspective about America and how it is changing within our lifetime. Laura Ingraham is a Conservative Christian who views the changes as red flags in the areas of family and faith. Power to the People also warns her audience about the loss of people's power that trends toward a loss of liberty, the quality that defines America. Laura's strong Christian faith is evident as she tells about its emergence during trying times in her life, the death of her mother and Laura's bout with cancer. She concludes that the people's power is not "of" the people but "to" the people, suggesting it is given by the grace of the only power, God.

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Anatomist's Apprentice (Dr. Thomas Silkstone #1) by Tessa Harris (Goodreads Author), Simon Vance (Goodreads Author) (Narrator)

5 of 5 stars  *****

A most enjoyable historical fiction that captures English lifestyle and colloquialism circa mid to late 1800s. The intrigue begins with an investigation into the death of a prominent, surly figure by young, bright Dr Silkstone, an American. The host of characters who have motive create background profiles in subjective thought and public opinion. Dr Silkstone offers objective, scientific data that is new to medicine for this time. Twists in the plot reveal ulterior designs by those who have a special interest in the the investigation's findings.

Simon Vance narrates the artful writing of Tessa Harris in a superb fashion worthy of award-winning theatrics. The scenes and interactions between characters use the articulate brush of Tessa's words and colorful shades of emotion, atmosphere, and intention that Simon paints through his expression. The reader is never bored throughout this audio rendition of a mystery that entertains and educates.(less)

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Explore the Bible Personal Study Guide: Ezekiel, Daniel:Faith Under Fire by R. Kelvin Moore (Editor- David Briscoe)

5 of 5 stars  *****

A clear explanation and study of a difficult section of the Bible. The study involves the great stories and prophesies of Ezekiel and Daniel. The story is one of existing with faith during trying times of defeat and exile. The prophecy ranges from the near future to the end of days. The discussion reaffirms that no one, except God, knows when the end of days becomes reality. Many times throughout history, man has read this section of the Bible and predicted the coming of Jesus Christ based on the prophets descriptions and events of the day. Perseverance and faith in the Lord is the theme so one is ready when that time arrives.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Catching Fire (The Hunger Games #2) by Suzanne Collins

5 of 5 stars  *****

The second of the Hunger Games trilogy, Catching Fire, is every bit as exciting and intriguing as the first novel. As the first sets the stage for the rules of the game and the disparity in society, the second book reveals how the rules change in a struggle to maintain the social status quo. The author, Suzanne Collins, captures the humanity in the quest to stay alive while forming bonds of personal and patriotic love between combatants. This inspires the poor. Hope emerges, much to the dismay of the power that is privy to all the secrets of the poor. The classic battle between Good and Evil ensues as the poor define the true enemy opening the door for the third novel in this trilogy, Mockingjay.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Republic by Plato, James Langton (Narrator)

4 of 5 stars  ****

The audiobook version of The Republic by Plato, is a trying endeavor. The amount of mindful information Plato expresses in mere seconds couples with deep analysis spoken aloud challenging the audience to follow his train of thought. This listener jots notes as James Langton narrates with perfect diction and alternating voice inflections that denote separate characters, of whom Socrates is the major. If the audiobook continues during a jotting, essential points may elude the recorder. Interruptions occur every four to seven seconds to achieve an accurate note, which conjures thought-provoking tangents of relative information; thus, the tedious task of comprehending the author's true intent. 

This classic is required reading for those pursuing careers in leadership, government, politics, and philosophy. Many of the quotes in The Republic are responses by Socrates to queries looking for veracity. The dialogues cover a wide range of components in the order of the universe, our interactions with it, and with one another. Discussions of physical and abstract qualities explore the best and worst faculties and ideas to arrive at truth, the perfect state of nature. Absolutes are real for mankind to aspire deeming those who approach pure intellect and wisdom to be the most just and; therefore, rulers of the many, who fall short of truth. The majority base their beliefs and perceptions on reality's shadow, opinion. Pure intellect is science with understanding whereby opinion falls between knowledge and ignorance. To conclude, Utopia is harmony ruled by philosophers who love truth and wisdom, a virtue divine, according to Plato. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

George Washington's Secret Six: The Spy Ring That Saved the American Revolution by Brian Kilmeade, Don Yaeger

5 of 5 stars  *****

Readers enjoy the true, secretive escapades of the Culper Ring who put their lives on the line to acquire pertinent information for General George Washington when New York City and Long Island are still colonies of England. It is this group of five men and one woman who give Washington an advantage over the world's most powerful army of the day. 

This spy ring is known today only because of the tedious investigation of a few history enthusiasts willing to spearhead the daunting task that uncovers documentation from conjecture and lore in search of truth. Brian Kilmeade and Don Yaeger are the passionate authors who acknowledge a team of others who apply their professional talents to this endeavor which makes for a most exciting read. The acknowledgements section at the end of the book is just as intriguing as the authors explain the significance of every contributor.

It is rare, today, to read a non-fiction American history that is full of new information which details covert operations during the birth of this nation. George Washington's Secret Six: The Spy Ring That Saved the American Revolution educates while entertaining anyone who is fortunate to read this book.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Conform: Exposing the Truth About Schools by Glenn Beck

5 out of 5 stars  *****

The controversy surrounding Common Core is the subject that Glenn Beck tackles in Conform: Exposing the Truth About Schools. Control of the American school system that is driven by unions rather than children is at the heart of the controversy. Glenn explains the history and rationale behind Common Core, a set of universal standards to improve the delivery of a curriculum that each state may tweak to meet its particular needs. This homogenization sounds like a simplification, and therefore, a need-fulfilling update to a failing educational system. 

The author argues that actual results from Common Core's application are more foreboding than comforting. Common Core may create a nation of drones rather than free-thinking individuals. A simple approach to basic arithmetic becomes a 30-step convolution that arrives at an answer, one which is incorrect if the Common Core approach is not utilized; for example, if division of one number into another yields the same answer, it is considered incorrect. 

The controversy deepens with Common Core's unwritten and unspoken intention to control how children think. This opens the door for their manipulation and indoctrination into socialistic views, like the collective is more important than the individual. That and rewriting history to suit an ideology that supports European political concepts, favoring Islam while diminishing Christianity, and teaching that America's Constitutional Republic inspired by Judaeo-Christian morals is outdated. This concept of a collective challenges the role and influence that the nuclear family has on their children when implementing such an educational tool.

This book explains why Common Core became so popular in the first place. The idea implies Common Core standards improve America's status in the world; so most Governors sign on before it is complete. States also receive a nice Federal check for accepting Common Core. Powerful government unions endorse the program. Bill Gates invests heavily in Common Core as his company, Microsoft, makes the software for all the curriculum. Popular politicians, like Jeb Bush, argue against Common Core resistance. 

Beck further explains that most people may be unaware that unions collectively bargain deals that benefit unions over children. Politicians are reluctant to go against political correctness or the powerful labor union, the National Education Association (NEA), who have the power to sway elections and influence one's political career. The NEA represents teachers, secretaries and educational support personnel, not children. All the money thrown at education bears witness to the success of collective bargains securing great deals for union administrators but no change, whatsoever, in student scores or learning abilities. If anything, government control of schools ensures a decline or maintenance of the status quo.

Glenn points out how review of textbooks reveal Special Interest involvement which indoctrinates students to favor their agenda at the cost of the truth. Parents are not part of the process that introduces their children to information and processes unfamiliar to them. Less choices are available for parents who have legitimate questions about the veracity of textbook content. Instead, parents are told that educators know what is best for their children when it comes to this fundamental aspect of their lives. 

This book also gets into the fight against Common Core, which has tried to hide the bad publicity by changing its label, a common Progressive tactic used in other unpopular programs, like Agenda 21 becoming some Green Earth Sustainability Initiative. Beck cites Florida's attempt to hide the bad news about Common Core by relabeling it, Next Generation Sunshine State Standards. Support to fight Common Core is given to the reader with suggestions to attend: 9.12 Project Groups, which exist locally in just about every state, to coordinate and educate communities on civic and social issues; School Board and State Legislative meetings to give voice to community and individual concerns that affect children, who have no voice; and to go online to connect to Education Action Groups, which may suggest reviewing textbooks.

It is vital to have private individuals with the passion to write about topics that affect all of us and future generations. Glenn Beck is such an individual who writes this professional, informative, and essential book that serves Americans in the name of freedom and liberty.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, Simon Prebble (Narrator)

5 of 5 stars  *****

What dandies this book and Dorian Gray are. Oscar Wilde's first novel reveals his opinions on women, romance, the arts, religion, and life in general through Dorian's mentors. Those original ideas are controversial for the late 1800's and still provocative for today. This story is written before women's right-to-vote and emancipation so the attitudes toward women, then, are very different than they are today.

This story centers around a portraiture of a young, handsome popinjay, Dorian Gray. Its creator, Lord Basil, consumes inspiration from the mere presence of his model. Dorian makes a wish that he could look as attractive as he does during this painting and his wish comes true, but not without consequence.

The story expands to romance when the naive Dorian falls hopelessly in love with a 17 year-old actress, Sibyl. Sibyl is smitten with Dorian and feels reality in a visceral way for the first time. Her performance on stage suffers greatly because of her love for Dorian, but this, too, has unforeseen consequences.

The most influential friend of Dorian is Lord Harry, who sees this youthful, perfect specimen maintain aspects of charm and beauty as time elapses. Lord Harry, almost vicariously, points out Dorian's attributes as being superior to others. What the mentors of Dorian fail to realize is how his experiences with reality affect the portrait rather than the man. The Search for Beauty as the Secret of Life lesson proves to be shallow. 

Oscar Wilde's prose is certainly not amateur. He is quoted often and his books are classics, including, The Picture of Dorian Gray. He describes art as, "A dream of form in days of thought," in the preface; and atonement thusly, "It is the confession, not the priest, that gives us absolution."

Friday, June 6, 2014

The Book of Qualities by J. Ruth Gendler

5 of 5 stars  *****

A profound and unexpected account of abstracts that are fun, touching, and revealing.   Prepare to awaken visceral feelings by the mere arrangement of words spoken or read.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

5 of 5 stars  *****

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a world class leader and revolutionary. Born in Somalia, this Muslim-now-Dutch citizen is blessed to survive female genital mutilation, human rights oppression, moral corruption, cruelty, and inequality, which is Sharia, the law of the land and politics of Islam in Muslim nations.

The author's autobiographical account of her life moving between one Muslim nation and another depicts the prejudice that exists between nations, communities, and clans. The strict law is most severe in Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam over a thousand of years ago. Ali states that the lives of Muslims has not changed that much since the totalitarian ideology became the force in the world that it still is today.

A stark contrast is drawn between Western Civilizations and Islam. This contrast is denied by the immigrating Muslims when any negative aspect of their culture is thought to be too offensive. The author relates that growing up in a Muslim family, in a Muslim nation, and practicing Muslim traditions, there is a sense of fear; fear of sinning, fear of being caught dishonoring a family member, and fear of being killed for violating the strict laws of Sharia. Ali bases this fear on Islam's feudal mindset which relies on lies, self-deception, and hypocrisy. In contrast, Western societies offer freedom and liberties not seen in Muslim nations.

Ali intends to inform the rest of the world about the lack of values and moral integrity that exist with Islam. She is incredulous when she sees Western nations elevate Islam to a plane of peace and understanding. She says that claims of moral corruption made by Muslims against the West are the actual crimes of which Muslim nations are, themselves, guilty. 

Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Muslim jihadists know that Western Civilizations take freedom and liberty for granted. Complacency makes such people targets for shrewd jihadists who use Western laws against Western societies to get Muslim demands met for Sharia, which does not believe in freedom or God-given rights. It's ironic and devious.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is the commencement speaker denied to speak at Brandeis University because of Muslim protests, especially from the largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, the Council on American–Islamic Relations (CAIR). Wherever Ali goes, Muslims protest because she reveals the truth about Islam. Her bravery and honesty are the qualities that mark her as a target for evil but a champion for everything that is good, righteousness.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

How to Master the Art of Selling from SmarterComics by Tom Hopkins, Bob Byrne (Illustrator)

3 of 5 stars  ***

After failing during the first six months of his career in sales, Tom Hopkins discovered and applied the very best sales techniques, then earned more than one million dollars in just three years. 

Andrew Wyeth: Memory & Magic by John Wilmerding (Contributor), Anne Classen Knutson, Kathleen A. Foster, Christopher Crosman

5 of 5 stars  *****

A most enjoyable Coffee-Table book that is biographical and illustrative of Andrew Wyeth's inspiration and talent.

The Green Pharmacy Guide to Healing Foods: Proven Natural Remedies to Treat and Prevent More Than 80 Common Health Concerns by James A. Duke

5 of 5 stars  *****

One of the best reference books about healing foods that provide natural remedies for over 80 ailments.

Kids Are Americans Too by Bill O'Reilly, Charles Flowers

5 of 5 stars  *****

A well-written book for children that I also shared with mine while driving as I also own the CD version. My daughters, teens at the time, recognized themselves in the advice and did not necessarily agree or like what they heard. It was especially poignant in the chapter that dealt with death as two of their friends' fathers passed away. 

Bill O'Reilly is most passionate when it comes to children and he champions them on every issue he can. This endeavor is to reach as many children as he can so they may, at least, hear common sense and differentiate between right and wrong in their young lives.

How to Out Fox the Foxes by CTI Publishers

4 of 5 stars  ****

This book helps one navigate the legal jungle familiarizing oneself with terms and advising how to behave in certain predicaments. This book arms the citizen with the necessary information to compete with tricky lawyers and the law, itself. The power of knowledge that this book provides has never been more useful.

Keep Going: The Art of Perseverance by Joseph M. Marshall III

4 out of 5 stars  ****

Enlightening wisdom from the Lakota.    I enjoyed reading the lessons learned by a young man turning into a mature adult based upon the wisdom of his heritage. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Discipline of Grace: God's Role and Our Role in the Pursuit of Holiness by Jerry Bridges

5 of 5 stars  *****

An excellent book to keep one on the straight and narrow, guided by the Holy Spirit.

Written by Navigator author Jerry Bridges, this book explores how the same grace that brings us to faith in Christ also disciplines us in Christ. In learning more about grace, you also will learn about God's character, His forgiveness, and the Holy Spirit.

The Amateur by Edward Klein

5 of 5 stars  *****

Edward Klein writes a superb non-fiction about the people in high places, the President's inner circle, giving readers a view of the people and their lives hidden from the public, quite on purpose. Klein, an accomplished author and editor of publications like the New York Times, Newsweek, and Vanity Fair, has excellent sources and a keen sense of timing to gather the information for this most revealing book about President Obama. This reader is enlightened as to the roles of the people closest to the President, including his wife. Even though the book is about a man who becomes America's Commander-in-Chief without any experience, the politics that the president's staff devise and borrow from past presidents are able to launch a campaign that paints a false sense of security with such a man while demonizing his opponents making them the fearful risk in any election. This book, written and published in 2012 before President Obama's re-election, is honest with its objective and subjective analysis of this man, who becomes known as an amateur, but still wins the presidency for another term.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Reagan Diaries Selections CD by Ronald Reagan, Eric Conger (Reading)

5 of 5 stars  *****

During his two terms as the 40th President of the United States, Ronald Reagan kept a daily diary in which he recorded, by hand, his innermost thoughts and observations on the extraordinary, the historic, and the routine day-to-day occurrences of his presidency. 

Florida's Birds: A Field Guide and Reference by David S. Maehr, Herbert W. Kale II, Karl Karalus (Illustrator)

4 of 5 stars  ****

A wonderful guide to birds specific to Florida. A great reference that is handy and durable to take into the field.

Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America by Mark R. Levin

5 of 5 stars  *****

The perfect follow-up to Mark's Liberty and Tyranny, Mark delves into history's best conceived bases for society to exist at its most fair and optimal fashion. The result is a fascinating education about the great minds and their thoughts, who all came up with the same outcome, a tyrannical government and a slave population; until America's founding fathers devised the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution from their study of these great minds, their works, and America's experience up until the time America's defining documents were written.

Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto by Mark R. Levin

5 out of 5 stars  *****

Mark R. Levin has written the quintessential book on the subject of the division in American politics today, Liberty and Tyranny. The factions are identified as to who and how they operate, the foundation of America as a Constitutional Republic vs the Liberal Progressive movement described by Mark as Statism. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Flash in the Pan by Shirley Gill, Liz Trigg

4 of 5 stars  ****

A beautiful wok cookbook displaying delicious stir-fry presentations on large easy-to-clean pages, colorful and pleasing to the eye.

Bulletproof George Washington: An Account of God's Providential Care by David Barton

5 of 5 stars  *****

One of my favorite accounts of George Washington and what guided this man to be the best president upon whose shoulders the United States of America was founded.

Keys to Good Government: According to the Founding Fathers by David Barton

5 of 5 stars  *****

Founding Fathers such as Benjamin Rush, Noah Webster, and Fisher Ames outlined principles for successful government as a legacy for future Americans. 

The Constitution of the United States of America by James Madison, Founding Fathers (Creator)

5 of 5 states  *****

I took a course on the Constitution of the United States so my reading was enhanced by learned instruction and class participation with discussions. Further, this culmination of the best man has to offer in government was enhanced by videos and guest speakers who were expert in our Constitution. Now, the words of John Adams ring loudly in my ears about who this document serves, "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

The Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson, Michael Hardt (Introduction), Garnet Kindervater

5 of 5 stars  *****

One of the strongest, enduring documents ever conceived and written. Thomas Jefferson is the master penman to put, in writing, the declarations of the American colonists to free themselves from tyranny and take advantage of the American spirit to forge a better nation based on the thoughts and ideas of many great men and societies throughout history. The awareness of God as the only true king and men as flawed beings inspire Jefferson and his peers to nurture a society based on Judao-Christian morals but not ruled by any one religion or any branch of government. Freedom and liberty as unalienable rights from God became the basis for the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.

The Road to Serfdom by Friedrich Hayek

5 of 5 stars  *****

A classic work in political philosophy, intellectual and cultural history, and economics, The Road to Serfdom has inspired and infuriated politicians, scholars, and general readers for half a century. Originally published in England in the spring of 1944—when Eleanor Roosevelt supported the efforts of Stalin, and Albert Einstein subscribed lock, stock, and barrel ...

The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, Leonard Peikoff (Goodreads Author) (Afterword)

5 of 5 stars  *****

When The Fountainhead was first published, Ayn Rand''s daringly original literary vision and her groundbreaking philosophy, Objectivism, won immediate worldwide interest and acclaim. This instant classic is the story of an intransigent young architect, his violent battle against conventional standards, and his explosive love affair with a beautiful woman ...

The Hanson-Roberts Tarot Companion by Susan Hansson (Goodreads Author), Mary Hanson-Roberts

4 of 5 stars  ****

Beautiful artwork and an explanation about the symbolism of the Tarot Cards and what it means for the participants who choose and place them in different patterns.

Not a Living Breathing Document: Reclaiming our Constitution: An Introduction to the Historic Foundations of American Liberty by KrisAnne Hall

5 of 5 stars  *****

I attended KrisAnne Hall's seminar on this subject and it was the best history of the US Constitution I have ever heard or read. I bought this book for reference. I have attended 4 KrisAnne Hall seminars, her latest on Nullification, and they are all excellent. I recommend any work by KrisAnne Hall, she is truly inspiring. 

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Millennium #1) by Stieg Larsson, Reg Keeland (Translator)

5 of 5 stars     *****

Mikael Blomkvist, a once-respected financial journalist, watches his professional life rapidly crumble around him. Prospects appear bleak until an unexpected (and unsettling) offer to resurrect his name is extended by an old-school titan of Swedish industry. 

The Overton Window (Overton Window #1) by Glenn Beck

4 of 5 stars  ****

This is an enjoyable read about a conspiracy of the powers who remain anonymous but influence world events. Glenn plays out a scenario in an exciting manner involving the son of an anonymous power player and an intriguing woman involved with a rebellious group bent on bringing down that power. 

The Third Choice: Islam, Dhimmitude and Freedom by Mark Durie

5 of 5 stars  *****

Learn about Islam and the history of Muslims with Mark Durie's excellent book that is very much needed in today's world. Mark is a world-class scholar and clearly explains what could be a very confusing ideology otherwise. I recommend this book for those who want to become better informed about the workings and reasons why Islam is the power it is in the world today.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Education And The Founding Fathers by David Barton

5 of 5 stars  *****

This transcript of the video by the same title clearly set forth the educational system which produced our great Founding Fathers. 

The Girl Who Played with Fire (Millennium #2) by Stieg Larsson, Reg Keeland (Translator)

5 of 5 stars  *****

The girl with the dragon tattoo is back. Stieg Larsson's seething heroine, Lisbeth Salander, once again finds herself paired with journalist Mikael Blomkvist on the trail of a sinister criminal enterprise.

Peaceful Warrior: The Graphic Novel by Dan Millman, Andrew Winegarner (Illustrator), Andrew Winegarner (Illustrations)

5 of 5 stars  *****

A great story that teaches the lessons of self in an entertaining and inspiring spirit of an athlete, a warrior.

Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy by Eric Metaxas

4 of 5 stars  ****

As Adolf Hitler and the Nazis seduced a nation, bullied a continent, and attempted to exterminate the Jews of Europe, a small number of dissidents and saboteurs worked to dismantle the Third Reich from the inside.