Thursday, April 17, 2014

Heaven's Wager (Martyr's Song #1) by Ted Dekker (Goodreads Author), Tim Gregory (Narrated by)

4 of 5 stars ****

Heaven's Wager is a well-written novel about a man who does not desire to be stuck in a nanny-state world where everything is given to him to maintain a mundane existence that equivocates to a dead end for the human spirit. Kent applies himself, becomes quite an accomplished programmer, then develops a program that will revolutionize banking. The author, Ted Dekker, develops characters who are in Kent's life to teach him the real value of his life. Kent is reluctant to let go of his own achievements, even when they are taken from him. Loss causes Kent to seek revenge via his shrewd intricate plans that only cause him more loss and dissatisfaction with life in general.