Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Testing of Your Faith by Bruce H. Wilkinson

4 of 5 stars  ****

This book is part of a study about faith that also involves weekly videos and discussions after their viewing. The group with whom I participate in this endeavor is a Christian Men's Ministry. The growth in understanding Biblical scriptures and their application is the value of taking such a class. 

The author and teacher on the video, Dr. Bruce H. Wilkinson, conveys God's message in a clear and powerful style that resonates deeply. Passages which are known and read previously become new and fresh with the input given by all participants. I come away with a serenity, although short-lived, that only exists in the peace of God. When that peace goes awry, I am aware of my unwelcome change, even though I cannot comprehend why. One of the lessons that help me cope with my fluctuating states of being is accepting that everything that happens happens for my good as long as I do not turn away from God because of His testing.