Sunday, August 14, 2016

Explore the Bible: Summer 2016: 1 Samuel by Eric Geiger (Editor)

5 of 5 stars  *****

Even though the study of 1 Samuel is full of great men and great deeds, the theme of this study reveals God's greatness. The last judge, Samuel, anoints a king, Saul, for the clamoring Israelites who want a king to fight their battles for them like all other nations. Samuel warns the people what God tells him about a king taking their best crops and goods and dividing them among his close subjects but the people are stubborn and get their desire. 

The story of David's life unfolds fraught with the best and worst qualities of man. The writings tell as great a story as can be told with the giant, Goliath, the politics of power in a palace full of princes, and the beauty of women; all trying to follow the rules and laws of man while ignoring, too often, the laws of God. God sheds His grace on those who sin but genuinely repent no matter how often this scenario occurs; David. God delivers His wrath on those who act pious but are proud and self-centered in their hearts; Saul.

This book is discussed weekly in a classroom setting known as a Lifegroup, a Bible study group. The questions about the events in 1 Samuel raise more questions about people today and their practice of faith in God. Similarities are sobering and a consensus is obvious how necessary reading God's word, applying His lessons, and maintaining open communication with Him is. In His greatness, God forgives and rewards those who love Him so much as to repent when they stray from His will.