Monday, October 12, 2015

The way of the Master (seek & save the lost the way Jesus did) Study Guide by Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort

5 of 5 stars  *****

I finish this book today but still have a few more weeks to actively engage with people and demonstrate its purpose. The Way of the Master: seek and save the way Jesus did is a work book that enables me to practice evangelism and witness to others. The urgency to be a better Christian is a result of my deeper understanding of God's word. 

Most people are probably unaware of the danger there is in living a life without the fear of God. That fear is spending eternity in Hell's fire. An opinion that it is enough to be good condemns us to such a fate if we do not repent for our multitude of sins and accept the Christ Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Jesus tells us that no one is good; only God is good. So, the unaware are not fit for heaven. 

Indifferent Christians, too busy with their own lives to care about anyone else, are like passive observers who watch an occupied house burning and do absolutely nothing, not even yell, "Fire!" It takes a true Christian to shake these people into reality and tell them what the Bible really says. Overcoming the fear that keeps us from being active in God's great commission is what this course is all about. Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort teach us how to bypass the intellect and appeal to the conscience when speaking with people. The intellect can be argumentative and is easily fooled whereby the conscience is that inner arbiter who discerns between right and wrong. This is the way Jesus, the Master, demonstrates in the Gospel. 

I, now, utilize tools to break the ice when I approach someone to share the Gospel. Kirk and Ray show how they do this proven technique on videos shown in class. They share their fears and how to overcome them but, most importantly, they impress me how vital it is that we learn to share this information because God loves everyone no matter how bad or good we think they are. I feel I am acting on God's will in this course and not just satisfying my curiosity or thirst for learning.