Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hitler's Last Days: The Death of the Nazi Regime and the World's Most Notorious Dictator by Bill O'Reilly

5 of 5 stars  *****

Bill O'Reilly's compliment to Killing Patton for younger readers, Hitler's Last Days, reads as interesting and enlightening as all of his books. This historical account is full of pictures adding to the vigilance when investigating the facts about Adolf Hitler's life and the significant people who shape this era of war. Hitler's Last Days incorporates the people closest to him and their loyalty, or lack thereof, when Germany falls ending World War II. Hitler's health mimics the Fatherland in its decline and utter destruction during these last days.

After Hitler's suicide with his new bride, Eva Braun, O'Reilly advances the postwar stories of the victors and the losers: Patton's death, Stalin's Communism, Churchill's long life, Eisenhower's presidency, Gen. Omar Bradley's promotion to four-star general , the Nuremberg Trials, and more. Most importantly, O'Reilly paints a picture of the atrocious behavior the Nazis perform on the humans they deem subhuman. The Holocaust is the name given to those atrocities that the select Nazi groups in Hitler's circles commit. Those exempt from those crimes against humanity are the German National Army who adhere to the rules of war and the general population of Germany. This book demonstrates that evil, no matter how brutal and powerful it seems, loses in the end and suffers as much harm as it inflicts.