Wednesday, October 14, 2015

God's People Want to Know by Dr. George Barna (Executive Director)

4 out of 5 stars  ****

This report conducted by the American Culture & Faith Institute, a division of United in Purpose, Dr. George Barna, Executive Director, is the result of a comprehensive study and survey about the issues that Christians find most important. A qualitative survey discovers the social and political issues on the minds of mainly Conservative but also Moderate Christians. Then a quantitative survey determines who wants to receive biblical teachings about the 22 issues.

Most pastors preach something about abortion and same-sex marriage but shy away from all of the other identified issues because of either lack of knowledge on the subject or fear of reprisal for becoming politically active from the pulpit. This could also bring division among the congregants who may consist of Moderate and Conservative Christians.

This study shows that Conservatives want their church to be more politically active but Moderate Christians would rather the church stay out of politics. The issues that are deemed most important are: Abortion, Religious Persecution/liberty, Poverty, Cultural restoration, Sexual identity, and Israel. The second tier issues are: Christian heritage, Role of government, Bioethics, Self-governance, Church in politics/government, Islam, Media, and Senior citizens. Lastly, these issues range from 51% to 69% in being most pressing: Patriotism, War, Government authority, Public school education, Political participation, Rule of law, Civil disobedience, and Government accountability.

A majority of Conservative Christians want to hear from their pastors what the Bible says about these issues, not necessarily their pastor's opinions. This puts a load of extra work on their pastors. The state of the world, America in particular, warrants that extra work. It is necessary to relieve the stress in the population who feel helpless. This report also reveals the drastic increase in politically interested citizens, Christian or not. It makes sense that the Christians turn to God seeking His word for guidance.