Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Republic by Plato, James Langton (Narrator)

4 of 5 stars  ****

The audiobook version of The Republic by Plato, is a trying endeavor. The amount of mindful information Plato expresses in mere seconds couples with deep analysis spoken aloud challenging the audience to follow his train of thought. This listener jots notes as James Langton narrates with perfect diction and alternating voice inflections that denote separate characters, of whom Socrates is the major. If the audiobook continues during a jotting, essential points may elude the recorder. Interruptions occur every four to seven seconds to achieve an accurate note, which conjures thought-provoking tangents of relative information; thus, the tedious task of comprehending the author's true intent. 

This classic is required reading for those pursuing careers in leadership, government, politics, and philosophy. Many of the quotes in The Republic are responses by Socrates to queries looking for veracity. The dialogues cover a wide range of components in the order of the universe, our interactions with it, and with one another. Discussions of physical and abstract qualities explore the best and worst faculties and ideas to arrive at truth, the perfect state of nature. Absolutes are real for mankind to aspire deeming those who approach pure intellect and wisdom to be the most just and; therefore, rulers of the many, who fall short of truth. The majority base their beliefs and perceptions on reality's shadow, opinion. Pure intellect is science with understanding whereby opinion falls between knowledge and ignorance. To conclude, Utopia is harmony ruled by philosophers who love truth and wisdom, a virtue divine, according to Plato.