Thursday, October 23, 2014

Explore the Bible: Adult Personal Study Guide HCSB: (Hebrews, Fall 2014) by David Jeremiah (General Editor), Argile Smith

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Hebrews is the Gospel that addresses the wavering believers 30 years after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Christians are ready to avoid the condescension and persecution by the Jews and Romans to lead a more peaceful life. However, returning to the old covenant of Moses law, whereby the path to heaven is paved by good behavior and obedience to the that law, the new covenant, brought by Jesus as prophesied in the old testament, promises life everlasting by believing that Jesus is the Christ, who, by sacrificing his perfect life for mankind's sins, believers are assured a place in heaven with their Father. For the Christians who lean toward reverting back to the old ways, they tend to follow the herd who find comfort in habit, even though the behavior requires extra sacrifices. The people who do turn their backs on Jesus decide to live for temporary moments of happiness rather than a joyous eternal existence with Jesus in heaven. Without Hebrews Christianity may not be the major religion it is today. The most likely author of this gospel is the Apostle, Paul