Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bible Promises for You: From the New International Version by Inspirio (Creator)

5 of 5 stars  *****

This is the little book I shall carry with me so that I may refer to the wisdom it offers. The book is about as big as a large-screen phone so it isn't convenient to carry in my pants pocket. I shall carry this book with me along with my phone, which has a downloaded version of the NIV Bible. The advantage of having access to the written word is immediate accessibility to the Word of God without searching through the Old and New Testaments. Two pages are dedicated to every condition and quality that scripture lists in alphabetical order from Accomplishment to Work. Choose the appropriate subject; say, Children, and turn to page 24 to discover what the Old Testament (written in italics) and the New Testament teach on the subject. I read a few entries and put the book down in deep thought. I am amazed at the significance the words have for me at any particular time I open this little gem of wisdom. Bible Promises for You is a book which talks to me in a divine way; therefore, it walks with me so that I may walk the talk.