Thursday, October 27, 2016

Bible Secrets Revealed by Donald Vaughan

4 of 5 stars  ****

Bible Secrets Revealed informs the reader of some interesting facts and discussions concerning what has been written about events and what can be surmised based on all known clues about Biblical claims. Much of the book's content is not necessarily secret but little known points of contention among theologians. 

Bible study groups and families who read the Bible regularly are more likely to experience the other type of secret mentioned in the book's title. The secret reveals to its reader the particular awakening ascertained from a certain passage. 

The Bible, written by many authors over thousands of years, is unique in transcending time with the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that humans glean from its pages. The secrets are hidden by neither man nor woman but are part of a divine design. The secrets are the discoveries each individual can experience in a timely fashion that are profound and meaningful. Their message, assimilation, and application are customized to guide one toward His will by His word.