Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Voice in the Wind (Mark of the Lion #1) by Francine Rivers

5 of 5 stars  *****

An excellent Christian Historical Fiction, A Voice in the Wind (Mark of the Lion, #1), by Francine Rivers, is the first novel in this genre that keeps the reader enthralled with the accurate environment in which this spellbinding story takes place. Each character represents the people of the time period so that a sensational experience may inform readers in an historical lesson while feeling like one is an unseen observer in an elaborate movie.

The messages A Voice in the Wind (Mark of the Lion, #1) are themed in the Holy Scripture spreading throughout Asia Minor and the Roman Empire post crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Apostle, John, is still alive and plays a role in the lives of the multicultural cast brought together by fate. 

A Jewess slave hides her Christianity but her humble service and inner peace attract those who find her remarkable compared to other slaves. The intrigue causes conversations that enlighten a ruling class, appeal to depressed and frightened slaves, and gain the respect of a certain gladiator. As this tale revolves around this girl, the reader journeys through history on the currents of holy scripture, the word of God. What an enjoyable way to keep one's conversation with the Creator ongoing.