Saturday, September 5, 2015

Plunder and Deceit by Mark R. Levin

5 our of 5 stars  *****

Mark Levin does not write for Eighth-graders; he explains with expert logic the politics and history of our great nation in cogent, concise sentences filled with a vocabulary that explains so much in a word. The reader must pay attention to pick up his astute comprehension of the subject matter in Plunder and Deceit

This book targets the arising generation but directs all who enjoy this number one best-seller to appreciate the huge tasks and hurdles already in place for this generation as a result of greed and intentional misguidance in leadership and teaching by many Progressive professors in colleges and Universities. For example, a study of college students who begin their studies in 1980 have a worldview that Americans are responsible for so much of the strife in the world today. This present administration reflects this in its domestic and foreign policies. 

This book turns to Conservative solutions and backs up its claims citing the success of administrations such as Ronald Reagan's. It also points to Ayn Rand's Return of the Primitive: The Anti-industrial Revolution which says Collectivism, which restricts an individual's mind, promises universal abundance while denouncing Capitalism, which, they say, leads to poverty. Now, when Capitalism causes abundance and people feel comfortable and secure, Collectivism denounces people for being comfortable and secure. 

Part of the problem is an indifferent population that prefers to leave politics to the poly-sci majors. Such people reap the rewards of the politician they complain about but feel powerless to evoke change. They discover Progressives plunder their hard earned money to redistribute it in the name of equality, even though such a system has only led to massive poverty, inequality, despair, and oppression.

Levin accuses the Obama administration of promoting the "Degrowth" movement which deceives. This movement uses alarmist claims to scare the population into believing the government must come to their rescue to save the world. For example, Man-made global cooling, man-made global warming, and now, man-made climate change all have the same solution; which is, control peoples lives with regulations, increase taxation, and more restrictions for industries including control of new technology. The result is less freedom and liberty and more tyrannical power for a centralized government. This describes the very situation our forefathers revolted against in the first place. Mark Levin also suggests that with such a stranglehold on America's freedom and liberty, the unemployment rate and the number of dependents on social welfare programs explode. 

This book also reveals the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) deceives consistent with the "Degrowth" movement. Each one of the EPA's major regulations cause increase taxation of growth and production. This has an annual effect costing greater than $100 million, a major increase in costs or prices for consumers, and a significant adverse effect on competition, employment, and investment. This self-imposed adversity on America's economy and growth is the result of just one major regulation. There are 65 major regulations written for many industries; such as, Energy, Automotive, and Farming. The EPA also cripples use of affordable carbon based sources of energy making us dependent on foreign sources for energy. 

Mark Levin concludes Plunder and Deceit with hope; a biblical worldview to infiltrate society's politics, entertainment, and culture to change and save the Republic. He believes a peaceful rebellion can displace the tyranny that accuses Americans as being terrorists for disagreeing with the powers that be. The people are the sovereign power in a Republic, the greatest form of government demonstrated by America when it operates with a Judeo-Christian compass. 

The rising generation must become the strongest leading activists America has seen since its inception to restore its heritage. They must be ready to meet adversity, frustration, and the threat of jail and even death; but before an all-out physical revolution, there is a Convention of States, a peaceful way to approach the fight.

This reader loves the quote Mark uses in his epilogue of Plunder and Deceit from Frederic Bastiat (1801-1850) in his book, The Law, "Liberty is an acknowledgement of faith in God and his works."