Friday, September 25, 2015

Peace with God by Billy Graham, Jack Garrett (Narrator)

5 out of 5 stars  *****

An outstanding comprehensive book about peace with God and that peace within when one prepares oneself to be a worthy vessel for His Holy Spirit. Billy Graham is a master, dare one say, "Prophet," in sharing the Word of God.

This book is first published in 1953 and updated only to address the current times but not to change the ancient message left for humanity. Peace with God teaches the novice Christian God's will and jogs the memory of the diluted Christian into reality so that they may be at peace in this world of chaos. Such attainment is having the peace of God within which surpasses all understanding.

Graham elaborates why peace with God is vital for salvation on the Day of Judgment. In a time of self-absorption, sin is prevalent in a sin-laden people. In a time when the devil rules this world, Satan's deceptive ways fool many into becoming his servant by drawing them further away from God's will. When success in the world places man's pride above God and people seek their own desires, especially of the flesh, Evil wins the battle for the souls of everyone the Father loves. Peace with God is the voice God uses through his humble servant, Dr. Billy Graham, to remind the world that He, Elohim, Abba, I Am is the only power in all existence and His will must be done through Christ Jesus to achieve eternal peace, joy, and bliss in heaven.