Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Truth Project DVD Set (Truth Project Series) by Truth Project Focus On The Family

5 out of 5 stars  *****

Review This project is the most profound, enlightening experience I can recommend. The group format utilizes DVDs and a workbook for individual reference. After each DVD, a class breaks up into small groups headed by a Truth Project prepared leader. A thought-provoking discussion ensues about the focus of the day's lesson.

Dr. Del Tackett is the professor who teaches a Christian Worldview centered around God, truth, man, and social order. Every session is a journey that includes opinions from professional and lay people around the world. The philosophical questions are deep and intriguing.

The subjects of the 12 chapters and their queries are: 1. Veritology: What is Truth? 2. Philosophy & Ethics: Says Who? 3. Anthropology: Who is Man? 4. Theology: Who is God? 5. Science: What is True? 6. History: Whose Story? 7.Sociology: The Divine Imprint 8. Unio Mystica: Am I Alone? 9. The State: Whose Law? 10. The American Experiment: Stepping Stones 11. Labor: Created to Create 12. Community & Involvement: God Cares, Do I?

The Study Guide refers to scripture used in each chapter and taken from the Holy Bible, NIV. I am a better man, a better citizen, a better family man, and a better Christian at the completion of this project. I apply the lessons learned to crises that befall me and I recognize, in others, the need for comfort found only in The Truth.