Friday, February 27, 2015

Tortured for Christ by Richard Wurmbrand

5 of 5 stars  *****

Tortured for Christ is the story about the author's persecution in Romania under Communism and the Underground Church which evolved out of necessity. Unlike many so-called Christians, Wurmbrand never compromised his faith nor informed on any followers during his persecution. He writes about the martyrs who witness to Christ in the hours of suffering and at the moment of death. The Christians rise above the hate for the persecutors but disdain the Communism that turns men and women into minions of evil. Many Communist soldiers, jailers, and torturers convert to Christianity as a result of the Godly love the Christians exhibit, even for their enemies. Wurmbrand is freed only to return to prison after being caught teaching and baptizing in the name of our Lord. Eventually, his freedom is purchased for a sizable sum and he is brought to America where he writes about the inspirational life and death scenarios that go on to this day around the world. 

With $100.00 and an old typewriter, Richard Wurmbrand wrote his first newsletter, Voice of the Martyrs. His voice is the voice of the forgotten persecuted Christians who exist in Islamic and Communist nations. He and his wife, Sabina, established offices in these countries to provide the Underground Church with Bibles and pamphlets, as well as food and clothing, for secret distribution to those who cherish these items like he did; their efforts guided by his words, "Hate the evil systems, but love the persecutors. Love their souls, and try to win them for Christ." 

This is a book of selfless sacrifice and perseverance for one's deep abiding faith. The reward is eternal life with our Father, the Creator.