Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Breaking Light (Split City #1) by Heather Hansen

5 of 5 stars  *****

The Breaking Light (Split City #1) is a young adult science fiction fantasy not unlike many young adult science fictions written today, a dystopia. The genre is very popular and many of the stories are similar. 

This reader is very pleased to say that Heather Hansen develops a world that is quite different than the dystopia books which are made into movies,Hunger Games and Divergent. The plot still involves the oppressed rebelling against the affluent with a running romance throughout. 

Hansen masterfully creates a city within this flailing society that consists of Undercity, where the poor and dying eke out an existence until they succumb to a lack of Vitamin D as a result of deficient sunlight. There are several levels above Undercity that are slightly more fortunate before reaching the summit where there is full sun. The privileged few families who control the wealth live here.

With such disparity of wealth and justice, it is essential to restrict the lower level populations to their designated sections. To quell uprisings, the rich and tanned distribute a drug known as Shine to placate the natural anger and frustrations of the seemingly powerless. Thus, the stage is set for the noble male protagonist to meet the savvy female survivor, who just so happens to be second in command of the most agitating resistance group in the city.

This book holds the reader's attention and thoroughly entertains. The story is one for the movies if anyone is so inclined to undertake the endeavor.