Sunday, February 19, 2017

Explore the Bible: Joshua; Judges: Ruth (Winter 2016-2017) by Tony Evans (Editor)

5 of 5 stars  *****

Another great study about the lessons and promises God makes to man. Joshua leads the chosen people into the Holy Land where they fail to carry out God's instructions of killing all of the inhabitants who dwell there. This disobedience leaves the Israelites subject to attacks by the remaining heathens who worship false gods. Over time, many Hebrews disobey again by intermarrying outside their religion. This is quite different than the example set by Joshua, their leader after Moses. Even though God's chosen disobey Him, He eventually raises up Judges to fight against His people's persecuting nemeses. Man's decisions reroute God's plan but God does not give up on His people and His promises eventually come true. 

The study of the Book of Ruth entails the commitment of love one makes for family when desolation, destruction, and death test that commitment. God reveals that Ruth, a Moabite, is integral in one of His biggest promises, a messiah. The line of David, which eventually leads to the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, descends from a Gentile, Ruth, who marries Boaz according to Hebrew law. God reveals that His only begotten son is savior for all men and women of the world. 

This study is rich with adventure, courage, and love that demonstrates God's plan can be trusted regardless of the plans and actions of mankind. As great or greater than any story told, these lessons show us that God's plan is written in the Bible and unfolds before us. We only have to read and study His word then trust in Him through all of our trials and tribulations.