Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fascinating Facts About the Old Testament by Jeffery Scott Wallace

5 of 5 stars  *****

I like reading anything that broadens my understanding, especially of the Bible, and addresses the obscure questions that develop into possibilities, my theories. I talk to others who have the same theory about certain aspects of history found in the Bible. Further information to enlighten us is scarce and proof is elusive.

The Old Testament draws some of its information from texts that no longer exist. Fascinating Facts About the Old Testament refers to some of those ancient writings which illuminate my challenges.

When I first read about the Nephilim in the Book of Numbers 13:33, I am intrigued by these giants who spread fear in those who go up against them. The little information about these Canaanites impress me. I later discover that the Nephilim's story is told in a book not included in the Bible, the Book of Enoch. The people know the story of this book during the days of Jesus Christ. The story occurs before the great flood and Noah's ark and may be why it is not included in the Holy Bible because it does not serve the purpose of teaching us God's word; rather, it describes the condition of a world full of evil and hate. The Nephilim are the offspring of the fallen "Sons of God," angels, and women after whom they lust. They range from 10' - 30' tall and rule the world in a way that makes God want to destroy mankind.

So my curiosity about the giants in the land of Canaan leads me to wonder, "How did these Nephilim survive the great flood?" This quandary is still open in my mind. The information in Fascinating Facts About the Old Testament, at least, calls this race of colossal beings the descendants of the Nephilim. I fail to retrieve this reference in my earlier searches.

The Giants are known as the Anakim, long-necked men, or the Anakites. Joshua's faith in God allows him to lead the chosen people to victory over them eliminating their kind as God wills.

From Fascinating Facts About the Old Testament I discover that a source outside the Bible, the Egyptian Execration Texts, mention the Anakites. It seems that the town of Hebron gets its name from a renowned Anakim warrior, Arba. Further mention of very large warriors, the Rephaim, who the Israelites defeat east of the Jordan River, are akin to the Anakim.

This is just one example of the interesting history associated with the Promised Land and only one chapter in the Old Testament.