Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Call to Christian Patriotism: A Weekly Devotional Essay Series by Howard A. Eyrich

5 of 5 stars  *****

I finish this year-long project a better person, a true Christian, Conservative Patriot.  The format of this devotional series is weekly readings of patriotic, scriptural, and conservative text with an added task.  Every week, I apply myself to the lesson so that my involvement impresses me in a more visceral way.  The book offers suggestions on what to do for my personal tasks.  Many take me out of my comfort zone but I find that necessary for personal growth.  Several times I read the prayer that Dr. Howard A. Eyrich has at the end of his short chapters.  In the beginning, I talk to my state's Representative about the theme of this book, preparing individuals to be educated, involved, citizens of the government and devout, humble followers of Jesus Christ.  This book also teaches the importance of connectedness.  I share this devotional with a 9/12 group that meets monthly and a Christian Men's Ministry that meets weekly.