Friday, February 19, 2016

Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again by Donald J. Trump

4 of 5 stars ****

I read some reviews of this book that were very negative and lacking in any substantive reason for attacking Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again . I can only surmise that these reviewers are not fans of the book's author, Donald J. Trump, and I suspect that many of them did not even read the book.

Donald Trump writes what he is saying on his campaign trail with a bit more in-depth rationale for saying what he says. Rather than going into the aspects of deal negotiations, he points to his accomplishments, what he continuously builds with quality, punctuality, and under budget. He does not want to give away any secrets. 

He shows the finances of his successful businesses for all the world to see. This is his testimony, his record that attests to his capability of making America great again. Unlike the televised debates, which give rival candidates time to challenge his character, Trump has an unfettered opportunity to make his case why he should be President of the United States. 

This book is compelling for several reasons and Trump's position in the polls is a great indicator that its message reaches many Americans who want a real change in their lives and their politicians. Donald Trump is not a bought candidate so he does not owe special favors to major corporations, unions, or cartels. Trump's history as a son, family man, and his work ethic touch a human side that many people do not see in Donald's public life. These qualities are apparent in the loving children that run his companies. Trump stresses that his children work for what they have just as his father instills in him. 

I come away, after reading this book, with a better knowledge about a man who may, one day, be President of the United States. I am not endorsing anyone at this time but when I do, my choice shall be an educated vote, my own opinion from my own research, and not from the opinions of haters.