Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Call To Follow Christ by Claude V. King

5 of 5 stars  *****

This devotional I read and studied over seven weeks with a men's ministry, The Herd, at my church. The Herd met to discuss each chapter and its significance every Wednesday evening. The rest of the week was spent devoting a portion of each day reading the chapters and suggested scriptures after praying to establish a connection with God. This practice helped me walk with the Holy Spirt on a daily basis. The outcome gave me a peace of mind that I could not achieve had I not prayed. The trials and tribulations still occurred but I tolerated and faced those moments without the resistance and friction that usually accompanied them.

I pulled another book off of my "unread" bookshelf as I was in the middle of this devotional reading and it turned out to be another devotional series, A Call to Christian Patriotism; only this book's subtitle was, A Weekly Devotional Essay Series. The daily and the weekly devotionals supported each other as I put action to the assignments that I created. My daily prayer focused my weekly Christian patriot application as I engaged in Gospel conversations with people spreading the Word which included America's foundation documents, The Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.

The Call to Follow Christ came with a CD, music by Damaris Carbaugh, to enhance the book's messages. Music expressed each lesson so beautifully with its lyrics and melody. The experience was one I enjoyed so much that I noticed my interests changed over the seven weeks toward supportive choices that maintained a practice yielding a more joyous life and fuller relationship with God.